What Brands Don’t Get About Snapchat



Remember the good old days of social media, when all content was displayed equally without pesky algorithms ruining the fun? Snapchat brings that back. There’s no newsfeed and no algorithm, just people choosing who they want to follow.

Yet, despite giving brands an equal chance to grow on this platform, it’s individual influencers and celebrities who are flourishing. What are brands missing?

It’s about keeping it real

That polished brand voice you use? Ditch it.

Like all social media, Snapchat is about keeping it authentic and forming a personal connection. It’s unedited and raw, creating a form of social intimacy that is more prevalent than on other social platforms thanks to the lack of algorithm filtering.

How can you make your brand seem personal?

  • Be authentic. Leave the formalities to traditional media – on Snapchat, engage.
  • Have a conversation. Don’t broadcast when you can create a dialogue instead.
  • Being vulnerable is okay. If you make a mistake, own it. You’d be surprised that this can actually help you because it makes your brand more human.

Don’t create your own content

“What?” I hear you say. Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered – or more appropriately, your viewers do.

Celebrate your brand’s fans, followers, and anyone who watches what you post by sharing their content. Thank them in your original uploads, and don’t forget to highlight the people who make your brand successful: your employees.  Not only will this humanize you, but it takes advantage of human nature’s preference for humility and sharing the spotlight.

Is Snapchat really that easy?

Yes. Before posting anything, ask yourself: Can you relate to it? Would you want to watch it and engage it, and does it feel like something you want to respond to? You are a brand but the people interacting with you have simple needs that must be met if you want to be invited into their lives. They need to relate and connect with you. Keep it simple, keep it human, and acknowledge that even though you’re a brand, you can still be vulnerable and have fun.

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