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Why does direct mail work so well? Physical action is involved in reading the message. When someone physically interacts with an idea, such as holding a postcard while you read it, the messaging is recalled differently than if you read it off a computer screen. It’s a proven fact, tangible materials provide a deeper connection. Physical interaction with messaging also evokes a greater emotional response and improved “internalization” of your advertising.

The Difference Between Success & Failure with Direct Mail

It’s the MESSAGE! More direct mail campaigns fail due to poor messaging than any other reason. Either the offer was weak if it was a sale or re-opening special or your overall design did not evoke the desired response from your prospects. Here at 24-7 Marketing, our team of design experts have 20 to 30 years of graphic arts experience in multiple markets such as retail, medical, dental, real estate, restaurants & catering industry, the auto industry, even B2B marketing. We offer our clients an all-inclusive package with design, printing, list acquisition, mail processing and postage.

Direct Mail EDDM Postcards

Lowest Printing, List & Postage Prices for Your Mail Campaign

Our experience in graphic design and direct mail, combined with our extensive knowledge of the postal codes and regulations including EDDM, will be a great tool for your marketing campaign. Our expertise gets you the best postage discounts and printing costs for postcards.

Multiply Your Customers with Our Unique Cloning Technique

Get the most out of your direct mail campaign. Unlike other marketing companies, 24-7 Marketing utilizes a comprehensive “cloning” technique for our clients that enables us to duplicate your best customers. The result – outstanding return on your investment and cost savings.

Top Quality Lists for Better Results

Direct marketing experts say that the best mailing lists can deliver up to 10 times better than a poor list. Our team can help you obtain the most effective lists for your goals and save you thousands of dollars in postage fees using our 24-7 Marketing System.

NJ Direct Mail Specialists

24-7 Marketing LLC is a full service marketing and advertising consulting firm that has created many successful, lead-generating direct mail postcard campaigns for New Jersey businesses in the following communities: Roxbury, Morristown, Bridgewater, Edison, Parsippany, Oakland, Fairfield, Clifton, Paramus, Wayne, Piscataway, Clinton and many other New Jersey communities. Some recent examples: a landscaping client that doubled his clientele in one mailing or a retailer getting 300 responses to his mail campaign.

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