Fine Tuning Your Direct Mail Message to Increase Results

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Guidelines for Successful Direct Mail & EDDM Postcard Campaigns

Postcard marketing encompasses a wide variety of materials and areas. With so many options to choose from, the message being sent is often overlooked. More often than not, marketers don’t spend enough time thinking their ideas thoroughly. Just as a designer takes the time to create artwork, a marketer needs to take time to present a message. Thoroughly selecting WHAT you say and HOW you say it, is essential.
Here are some things to consider when creating an effective direct mail message:
Less is More: The easiest way to get your mail piece thrown in the trash is to put an excess of words on it. Think of ways to convey your message without losing the reader’s attention. Bullets, text color, bolding and italics can all help to highlight the most important words. This is referred to as “The KISS” (keep it simple stupid) method, which is virtually fool-proof.
Repeat Your Message: The more times a recipient sees the same message, the more it will be recalled. As a result, readers are then more likely to respond. Also, the repetition of a message creates the feeling of trust.
Focused Theme: In direct mail, it is important to coordinate your message, artwork, design and audience together to form the theme. When any of these are out of alignment, it detracts from the message, confuses the recipient and the mail piece ends up in the trash.
Rhyme: People enjoy rhyme. It’s easy to remember and fun to read. When your message rhymes, it resonates more with recipients. Have some fun with your messaging.
Brand: Your brand is how people identify you. If your message conflicts with your brand, people will not believe it. Take the time to tailor your message to your brand.
Think about the last direct mail piece you received and really looked at. What intrigued you? Usually, a person can recall a few key words that stuck out. Using that information, how can you modify your message to do the same? What words will grab attention and stand out?
All the words you use in the postcard piece need to work together towards the main goal: Is the goal for them to visit your website? Come to your store? Call you? Or something else? When you have a clearly defined goal, it makes it easier to create your message.
Remember that using a message from previous campaigns is good for recognition, so it may be useful for your next postcard. However, make sure to integrate aspects of your new mail campaign as well. Crafting your messaging can be really fun, so take some time, get inspired and be creative!